Amy Lynn Calfee, Chief Listening OfficerAmy Calfee, Chief Listening Officer (CLO)

Why “Chief Listening Officer,” you ask? Listening is at the heart of every great relationship. Listening fosters conversations that lead to understanding where ideas grow, opportunities are recognized, problems are solved and connections are made.

I am a coach, consultant and creative who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and team leaders make more confident business growth decisions. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and teams over 20 years to clarify and express their value. My clients represent organizations large and small at different stages of growth in dozens of market sectors and social interests.

Our work focuses on one thing: customer creation. By blending classic analyses with contemporary strategy, I guide them through a goal-driven framework of better questions. Together, we customize their road map of business improvements, brand clarity, marketing strategies and tactical methods that lead to greater efficiencies and marketing effectiveness. The result is a customer creation system that is manageable, measurable and scalable.

I have a heart for the small business community, giving my leadership to entrepreneurial growth initiatives as a writer, program facilitator, curriculum designer, presenter and mentor. The U.S. Small Business Administration named me the first Home-based Business Advocate of the Year in my region, opening doors for others. I’ve been recognized for my creative work, produced trademarked designs and developed patented product concepts.

Sharing knowledge fuels creativity and idea generation. I love “talking shop” online and in person as a conference speaker, workshop presenter and panelist. Ask me about tailoring a presentation or workshop for your team or group.

What’s your business goal? Are you ready to reach it?